A few tips for you and your diversity policy

1) When you push your ‘diversity’ agenda and is framed with the singular intention to ‘diversify 1) the content and 2) the team’ this is hollow and trivial bullshit. Take the word ‘diversity’ out of your title /address/seminar/and put real hefty, substantial words into your catchy title like ‘lets push to decolonise this theatre woo! or ‘lets address the systematic racism in this museum’ or even a bit far fetched but ‘lets look at my OWN prejudices and how that impacts how I programme work’

2) Adding more colourful creatures to your pot doesn’t automatically negate the actual issue that it is still YOUR pot! And with that pot YOU have the power, ownership and MOST importantly the privilege, that you embody and feel in your everyday interactions. YOU hold the seat, feel entitled to hold the seat and you, (arww bless you) are now inviting people to your pot, table, whatever.

3) When creating diversity initiatives let’s start with you and your organisation/platform/festival/theatre/gallery, don’t invite me in or others for an event to talk to you about the importance of diverse perspective and breaking structural oppression. WE know but do you. I want to be seeing all white cis men and women creative directors, chairs, board members, executives, producers to get UNCOMFORTABLE. Please start a fucking keynote with ‘Last week I was prejudice to a trans women and I need to this and thisl….’ Be open and vulnerable with your prejudices, deconstruct and un-pick! That un-picking takes time soooo pay an artist or activist to work with your team/space for a year (how radical) and not just one little workshop. Make real commitments to changing your attitudes, your spaces and your platform.

4) When pushing your ‘diversity agenda’ don’t clump all unrepresented groups into one event. Give the fucking respect and dignity each minority deserves. The intersections are important, dedicate resources, time, energy, MONEY to each intersection. I want to be seeing huge seminars on black queer women in the arts and then huge seminars/events on the trans perspective and struggle within the industry, and then a huge event on disability inequalities. How disrespectful to frame all the VALID and UNDER APPRECIATED MINORITIES into one singular event?

5) For the love of god have safe spaces for all minorities within your team/programme. This is the working of privilege when you don’t realise being a minority comes with all kinds of microaggressions that require space and time away to heal.

6) lastly but no means least you want some ‘diverse’ people at your ‘diversity’ event then pay for their goddam travel!

7) this is actually the last - Don’t get offended when we say these things to you! You ask for diversity, we provide the information, drain ourselves and then YOU feel personally attacked by legitimate and valued points. Don’t invite me to your table if you are not ready to give up a seat!