I’m Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired - The Podcast. 

What the world needs now is a pursuit of freedom rooted not in fear of someone “taking” what’s “ours” but in a radical kind of love that refuses to settle for meanings of justice, safety, and independence that re-create the shackles, borders, colour lines and other punitive forms of policing and surveillance we just escaped to claim our freedom”

-Rev. angel kyodo williams, Sensei

A podcast about POC, QTPOC, Womxn of Colour, Mental Illness and Radical Liberation.

I'm Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired will be sitting down with artists, activists, political organisers, mental health practitioners, cultural theorists, spiritual grandmothers to discuss, learn and dissect care, liberation and mental health for identities that are policed, denied and erased within White supremacy. 

*This podcast is currently being researched by just Demi Nandhra which is funded by Arts Council England* Below is her current/ongoing musings for the content of the podcast which has been influenced by wider reading and conversations.*


Discomfort is where real liberation breathes?

A kinder, gentler suffering inspired by Radical Dharma

Self-care for POC going beyond bath bombs

“You don't need thick skin in this industry you need white skin”

Political Depression and therapy for QTPOC, Womxn of Colour

The most important political activism starts with family & friends?

Love is not justice

The power and pain of shaming institutions

Collective sadness as productivity


We will be launching the official podcast space online in May 2018.  From now and then we are researching and looking for people to participate in - 

  • Research

  • Hosting

  • Interviewing

  • be part of a podcast conversation

  • Focus group

All involvement/labour will be paid x

Get in touch at / 07545460907