LIFE IS NO LAUGHING MATTER                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

'My Dad tried to commit suicide, my uncle succeeded, so I think I shouldn’t be surprised I’m on Sertraline. I am, however, surprised by how frank conversations on depression and suicide still scare people. I need to talk about it for your sake and mine!'

Life is No Laughing Matter is an autobiographical live art/stand up/theatre performance about mental illness, suicide and radical cure attempts. 

Demi Nandhra sometime last year on a date she can’t remember was diagnosed with severe depression. She was told to eat a banana a day and think happy thoughts. Inevitably she got worse so she bought a dog to save her. Part personal narrative, part social rant, part mess, Life is No Laughing Matter tells the exhausting and rather a hilarious account of living with depression, from the urgency of finding a cure, to dissecting the cultural disease to eating 56 bananas.  Expect shit metaphors, unicorns, dependency on a loved one and Demi’s nana's holy water. 


Lighting Design: Ethan
Set and Costume Design: Claire Browne
Outside Eye: Anna Himali & Toni Lewis
Dramaturgical Support: Clive Judd
Producer: Toni Lewis

Life is no Laughing Matter  is available for touring from Spring 2018, please contact Toni Lewis for more details.


Read a response from Selina Thompson

"If you didn't watch #LifeIsnolaughingmatter then you missed part of the revolution. Thanks @deminandhra for opening up a space to hurt &heal"

"Was broken and put back together again by @deminandhra"

"This show has the potential to make you both laugh out loud and well up”