Ann Liv Young's Racial Violence

This statement is to call out Ann Liv Young’s racial violence both during her performance at Sophiensaele and after her performance (via instagram) and a call to the performance art community made up of festivals, programmers, producers, artists, academics, audiences and venues to stand in solidarity with those affected by her racial violence by not programming, working with, attending or promoting Ann Liv Young’s work in the future.


Break - down - break - through

i’ve never had a breakdown. this year i had a breakdown. march, maybe april, i don’t really remember. i do remember, the only thing i let get close was death. it sat with me just waiting for me to say ye. my breakdown was triggered by stopping my medication, like cold turkey. i stopped and as the numbness fell away I finally had clarity. clarity of that pain my pain, well little me's pain. and we all know are little us’s, their pain is just really fucking vast right?


Call-Out / Oil and Water writers * POSTPONED DUE TO ILLNESS *

I want to commission 5 responses to the show while out on its preview tour. This work is about family, tribe and mental health so I'm not so excited about getting reviewers in. A kind of act of decentralising the usually-middle-class-white-reviewer.  I'm looking for 5 individuals that identify as POC/ womxn to respond to the work. You don't have to know a thing about theatre or performance. It may help to have an interest in mental health, faith and religion or it may not…


I’m Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired podcast

A podcast about POC, QTPOC, Womxn of Colour, Mental Illness and Radical Liberation. I'm Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired will be sitting down with artists, activists, political organisers, mental health practitioners, cultural theorists, spiritual grandmothers to discuss, learn and dissect care, liberation and mental health for identities that are policed, denied and erased within White supremacy


What do ritual objects look like in 2018?

The idea for this series began when working with the artist Zed Lightheart, who is currently collaborating on the performance, Oil and Water. He is creating a family of ritual vessels to be used live. These works are being moulded and made to fit me. fit my hand. fit the purpose. fit the rituals. 


It is screaming at us

A few weeks ago rakhi happened. we celebrate rakhi and i have since i was little. the concept of rakhi is..is a ritua!? betweens brothers and sisters. sisters tie string bracelets on the brothers wrists and brothers give gifts and money to the sisters. why? a symbol of love and protection!? thats what google said. 


3 years on, still cunt dog and cunt medication: on embracing no change whatsoever

thats me in aaron's studio, on the floor, surrounded by roses i bought from Aldi, in a top i bought from TKmaxx next to the dog i bought from a woman in west brom. 

when i spiral/lose it/in the process of slipping into sadness i buy shit. creams, books, make up, plants, pink backdrops & living things that need feeding and dental treatment. 

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A few tips for you and your diversity policy

1) When you push your ‘diversity’ agenda and is framed with the singular intention to ‘diversify 1) the content and 2) the team’ this is hollow and trivial bullshit. Take the word ‘diversity’ out of your title /address/seminar/and put real hefty, substantial words into your catchy title like ‘lets push to decolonise this theatre woo! or ‘lets address the systematic racism in this museum’ or even a bit far fetched but ‘lets look at my OWN prejudices and how that impacts how I programme work’


Life is No Laughing Matter By Selina Thompson

Demi Nandhra begins her show Life is No Laughing Matter, hidden in plain sight.

There is only one person on stage – a young man, sat in front of a macbook, who looks bored, frankly. He looks up from time to time at a custard coloured blob, in centre stage, between two fans. It looks like it might be a bean bag. We hear a dog bark – not in an organised, this is a sound effect from the theatre way – the dog barks and is hastily silenced or taken out, his bark is pre show adrenaline made manifest, and he gives us an inkling of the intimacy that is about to follow, of just how close, skin close, Demi is about to let us be.